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Michaela qualified as an Energist and Trainer with the Guild of Energists (GoE) in November 2016; she believes passionately that Energy EFT is one of the most useful resources one can have for their journey in personal development and self-healing.  A fabulous tool for dealing with issues such as low self-esteem, bullying, abuse, relationships, eating disorders, travel sickness and anxiety - indeed, any stress, such as that caused by exams or major life changes (relocation, for example).  How she wishes she'd heard of Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) earlier, to help her through her own many life experiences!

These experiences however are what enable Michaela as an EFT Practitioner to empathize with and help her clients best.  So if you feel you'd connect, please contact her. 

Now, take the Chinese proverb 'Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day, teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime' and you'll understand what drives Michaela, passionate about teaching people to help themselves, to 'spread the word' through talks and Energy EFT workshops/training.  Her heartfelt wish is to see this valuable tool benefitting the lives of others, particularly those most vulnerable in society, such as stressed teens, abused women/children and overwhelmed refuguees.  

If you feel drawn to help others, or simply help yourself and/or friends and family, then you're invited to get in touch and ask about Energist training - Michaela will be delighted to explain how the Energy EFT Foundation; Master Practitioner and Trainer courses could benefit you. You are likely to find the course fun as well as rewarding!

For those who'd like to

BACKGROUND: How did she get here?

Michaela's passion for holistic health ignited while studying food and nutrition in her teens.  During her 20's she discovered naturopathy, eliminating toxic metals and gout from her system, massively improving her energy levels.  Later, she managed borderline gestational diabetes without conventional medical intervention and subsequently has preferred complementary and natural healing for herself and her children. 

Meanwhile, she progressed from an early career as an hotelier (Sales & Marketring for Hilton Hong Kong and Sheraton UK); to working as Personal Assistant for several owner-operators in hospitality supplier-related industries, including the NHS; and as an Associate involved in a private entrepreneurial project which introduced Hydroponics (soilless gardening) to Vietnam.  Early 2015, Michaela began offering online secretarial services, such as audio transcriptions and Masters/PhD proof-reading and/or formatting theses, as a Virtual Personal Assistant. She'll be adding more to her portfolio of services for small owner-managed businesses on completion of Social Media Marketing studies.

Since 2012, Michaela's open-minded, natural curiosity has led her to what Donna Eden and others call 'Energy Medicine', studying Carol Tuttle's Chakra 7 online course and Rose Alchemy with Hampshire-based Sandra Marie Humby.  Keen to develop authentic, practical skills to help others optimise their well-being, Michaela is now qualified in Jikiden Reiki (the 'original, purest, form'), Advanced Pranic Healing (developed by GrandMaster Choa Kok Sui, in which 'prana', or 'life-force' energy is used to restore balance and harmony to the body's processes) and as an EFT Practitioner (2014).  She works mostly from her home-based therapy room and is available for EFT consultations on Skype too. 

In her spare time, Michaela has obtained a First Class BSc (HONS) International Hospitality & Tourism Management (2012) and Preliminary Teaching in the Lifelong Learning Sector (PTLLS, 2014) and CertTESOL (2010), this last qualified her to teach English as a Foreign/Second Language to refugees and asylum seekers in Southampton, which she has enjoyed and found extremely rewarding. 

Michaela may be contacted via her Facebook business pages: https://www.facebook.com/hopespassion4 and by Skype: mahopehkg

See her website: Hopes Holistic Health for more information https://www.hopesholistichealth.co.uk


  • Modern Energy Trainer BIG +10 congratulations to Michaela Hope for completing Modern Energy Trainer with GoE trainer Barbara Saph!
  • Energy EFT Master Practitioner BIG +10 congratulations to Michaela Hope for completing Energy EFT Master Practitioner with GoE trainer Barbara Saph!